Performance Marketing Analyst

As a Performance Marketing Analyst at Inbound, you will be responsible for operational aspects of Inbound’s performance marketing missions.

Inbound is a unique type of data-driven marketing consultancy, focusing on the synergy between channels and nurturing the customer lifecycle of its clients, rather than operating individual channels in isolated silos.

With this in mind, you are expected to have an overall understanding of digital marketing landscape and how to use Analytics to ensure communication between channels. It’s also critical to have some exposure to the following platforms and expertise in at least one of them (and the ability to gain expertise in time for the channels you lack proficiency in):

Google AdWords (Search Display)
Facebook Ads

You will play a critical role in supporting our Digital Intelligence and Customer Success teams with your ad-ops skills for our media advisory missions.

You will be part of an all-star team; will learn the ins and outs of Web Analytics, Digital Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization; will apply your knowledge to deliver top-quality insights to some of the most exciting brands in the region.

  • manage performance marketing channels
  • work with Web Analytics, AdTech, MarTech and 3rd Party Data sources
  • work with Inbound analysts to segment visitors and customers based on behavioral data and propose scenarios to engage them
  • analyze the results of campaigns & projects and define next steps
  • present your findings & insights to enable sound business decisions
  • be part of the team conducting the most cutting-edge digital data activation projects in the region

You know;

  • how to manage at least one major performance marketing channel
  • what Google Analytics is
  • how to explain your analysis in a clear and structured manner
  • how not to spend more than your client’s budget
  • how to login to various tools using your username and password
  • that every problem has a solution
  • how to look for solutions to your problems

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